Health & Beauty

When you stock up on essential personal care items from BJ's Wholesale Club, you'll save. Keep extra toothpaste, razors, soap and other toiletries on hand for moments you need them most. We feature plenty of the basics for your bathroom as well as the health and beauty items you need to look and feel your best every day.

Oral Care

Pick up toothpaste, rinses and dental floss for your daily oral routine. To maintain healthy teeth and a fresh breath, buy your favorite brands like Johnson & Johnson, Listerine, and Oral-B in bulk. Then, shop multi-packs of durable, quality toothbrushes for the whole family. Finally, restore your bright, beautiful smile with affordable tooth whitening kits that show off your pearly whites or cleaning tablets and adhesive creams that make your dentures shine.

Razors & Shaving

Personal grooming is a breeze when you've got a fresh razor or spare cartridges on hand. Find shaving creams, gels and razors for men and women in bulk to keep your skin smooth and moisturized every day of the week. Look for trusted name brands like Schick, Braun, and Gillette that rejuvenate and moisturize skin after shaving. To complete your morning routine, shop aftershave to calm and protect your skin from dehydration or razor burn.

Eye Care

Take great care of your eyes with the wide assortment of wholesale eye care products available at BJ's Wholesale Club. Shop high-quality contact lens solutions to clean and disinfect your contacts after each use. Then, browse our selection of moisturizing eye drops to provide hydration and comfort to dry eyes throughout the day. To protect your overall eye health, look for vitamins and minerals designed to replenish vital nutrients as you age.


We offer a large array of deodorants from brands such as Old Spice, Secret, Dove, and Degree to keep you smelling fresh and feeling confident during your everyday activities. Grab multi-packs to stock up on your favorite deodorant sticks, roll-ons or sprays to stay dry as you move from school or work to the gym with ease.

Feminine Care

Shop wholesale feminine care items to keep extras in your bathroom, in your purse, and at your work station to ensure you're never without these necessities in an emergency. Our affordable tampons, pantiliners and pads are available in a variety of sizes, scents and value packs to accommodate your needs. Look for trusted name brands that include interlocking fibers and protect against leaks, including Playtex, Always, Poise, Tampax, and more in wholesale packs today.

Soap & Sanitizer

Pick up a heavy-duty soap in wholesale sizes up to one gallon to help you cut through stubborn dirt, or indulge in a luxurious hand soap that leaves your hands feeling soft, moisturized and pampered. Browse our variety of scents to discover the one that perfectly suits you. Shop our sanitizers designed to kill harmful bacteria and germs on the go. With a variety of refill kits and assorted scents to pick from, our selection of soaps and sanitizers help you stay clean all day.

Keep all your bathroom essentials on hand when you pick up wholesale personal toiletries from BJ's Wholesale Club. Shop online or in-club today to find all must-have personal care items on your list at a price you can afford.