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Keep your little ones active as they play with the great range of ride-on toys and bicycles available from BJ's Wholesale Club. We offer a wide assortment of bikes, power riding toys, wagons, skateboards, scooters and more to encourage your kiddos to play outside. Best of all, our low prices help you stay within your budget while providing your little ones with the ride they love. Browse our array of rides to find options that are best suited to your child's age, abilities and riding style.

Rocking Toys

Help your little one develop balance and motor skills with a classic rocking toy. These fun toys let young children enjoy hours of imaginative fun while they build the muscles they need for crawling and walking. For toddlers just ready to balance aboard their first rocker, we offer traditional rocking horses, plush rockers and more options featuring their favorite animals. Find a rocking toy that suits your little one's height and age from the wide selection at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Ride-On Toys

Ride-on toys bring extra fun to outdoor play. Our pedal and push cars let your little ones discover mobile fun in an adorable way. Look for trikes, push and pedal ride-ons that let your youngest ones seek adventures in the backyard. Browse our selection of battery-operating trains, scooters, dirt bikes, and classic cars to let kids of all ages enjoy their play time.


Take your little one out for a ride in one of our durable wagons designed for a smooth, comfortable ride. Some incredible features include contoured seats and deep leg wells, handles to fit child-sized hands in an easy-latch design, safety belts to keep your little ones safe while you move them through the yard or park.

Scooters and Skateboards

Our scooters and skateboards support the active lifestyle of older kids who have the need for speed. Different designs let you find a style that helps your child express their personality, including bright and bold characters, intricate details and awesome colors. Look for skateboards constructed of sturdy maple and heavy-grip tape for a sturdy ride each time. If your child prefers scooters, find options with rugged metal frames and reliable brakes to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.


Check our great selection of bikes to find a perfect first ride for your little one, or a cool upgrade for a growing cyclist. After you find the right features and styles to fit your child's age and personality, stock up on all the essential bike accessories. Items such as training wheels, headlights, back lights and other equipment ensures your child stays safe even after the sun goes down.

Help your child maintain an active lifestyle with the variety of ride-on toys and bicycles available at BJ's Wholesale Club. Our toys and bikes help kids from infants to teenagers explore and have fun outdoors. While you're here, check out our other toys and video games for inspiration on fun things your children can do inside the house.